HVK Stevens
17/02/2020 HVK Stevens

180 Degrees Consulting

During the summer of 2019, 180 Degrees Consulting (180DC) began the progress of establishing a branch in Amsterdam. 180DC is the largest university-based consultancy worldwide. What makes the concept so unique is that 180DC offers consulting services for little to no fee to not-for-profits (NFPs) and other organisations. They select highly skilled and promising students who are based in Amsterdam and provide them with training to allow them to develop action plans that tackle the issues faced by NFPs. The main mission is to increase social impact, be it through education, poverty alleviation or environmental awareness.

To establish this branch of 180DC, highly motivated students came together to form the board. The tasks they took on, included developing a business plan, budgeting and much more. As part of founding a branch in the Netherlands, they had to set it up as a foundation.

HVK Stevens assisted 180DC and helped the students through the process step by step. Since setting up, 180DC have started their first projects. This semester 180DC will have two consulting teams, one working on increasing organisational efficiency of an institution that facilitates education for refugees and, the other working on fundraising for an environmental group.

180 DC about HVK Stevens:
“When we reached out to HVK Stevens they were kind enough to help us without charging anything. Because of HVK Stevens, we are now officially a foundation and are able to commence our first semester actively working as a consultancy.”

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