Private Wealth

Family businesses have their own dynamic, which requires a confidential adviser who knows the company and its family well.

Familiebedrijven en bedrijven met een DGA

Family businesses and companies with a major shareholder-director (DGA) have their own unique dynamics. This calls for a trusted individual who thoroughly understands both the company and the owner.

The specialists at HVK Stevens possess expertise in all fiscal and legal aspects of each phase of the business. Our specialists have an understanding of and extensive experience with the dynamics between the company and the family/shareholder.

We collaborate in multidisciplinary teams – with tax advisors, notaries, and/or corporate finance advisors – to tailor solutions for every phase in the business lifecycle, both in national and international contexts.

Advising a family business and a company with a major shareholder-director (DGA) also requires in-depth knowledge of the personal interests of the underlying shareholder(s) and family.

Waarom HVK Stevens?

Thanks to the various expertise areas within HVK Stevens, we can assist you not only with advisory services but also with the execution of all the subjects relevant to your business, such as:

  • Optimal fiscal structure
  • Legal implementation and maintenance of the structure
  • Corporate governance, personal and family governance (e.g., wills, foundation administration office, family charter, etc.) and their interaction
  • Establishment and setup of a family office
  • Position of the real estate enterprise
  • Striking the right balance between the responsibilities of management, shareholders, and supervisory boards
  • Fiscal guidance and legal support for business succession (in full or in part, through inheritance or during the owner’s lifetime)
  • Business acquisition or sale
  • Management and employee participation (including profit-sharing schemes)
  • Financing (with equity or external capital)
  • Financial administration, tax filings, valuations, and due diligence.
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Individuals and families

We explore questions with you: What is the best tax structure? Are we ready for a family office? If so, which governance structure would work best? How do we distribute responsibilities, and what is the right balance between managers, shareholders and supervisors?

We can also think about issues like how you can protect your assets against risks, or how you can prevent outsiders from gaining insight into your estate and assets.

Why HVK Stevens?

In addition, we offer financial services, from taking care of bookkeeping, payroll administration and invoicing, preparing simple annual reports and dealing with tax compliance, to complex valuations and financial due diligence investigations.

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Our Private Wealth specialists:

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