A charitable organisation, known in Dutch as an Algemeen-Nut-Beogende-Instelling or ANBI, can make use of certain tax advantages in gifts and inheritances.

Our specialists advise existing ANBIs, as well as private individuals and families who want to set up a charitable organisation.

ANBIs are of great social significance: they help support the vulnerable people in our communities and preserve and develop our cultural environment.


Existing ANBIs and families and companies that want to start a charitable organisation often face complicated issues. For example, our specialists advise organisations on how to obtain the fiscal status required by the tax authorities (Dutch Belastingdienst), draft policy plans and articles of association and develop guidelines and codes of conduct.

HVK Stevens is a socially committed organisation. We are proud of our professional ANBI department, which enables us to contribute to the charitable sector in our own way.

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