(pseudo) UBO register

The UBO-register entered into force on September 27, 2020. As of this moment, the beneficial owners of almost all organisations in the Netherlands must be registered in a central and public register. The (pseudo)-UBO needs to be determined per company type and legal entity.

What is a UBO registration?

Are you an entrepreneur, shareholder, certificate holder, member of a cooperative, or involved with an association, general partnership, limited partnership, foundation, religious institution, or ANBI (Public Benefit Organization)? Starting from the summer of 2020, you may be registered as the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce. Everyone will be able to access (part of) your personal information and the extent of your interest (if the entity is required to file annual financial statements). If you are the person responsible for registering your organization’s data with the Commercial Register, you will also be responsible for registering the UBO information in the UBO register.

The UBO register contains information about every individual with an interest of more than 25% in a legal entity established under Dutch law, such as a BV (private limited company), NV (public limited company, unless listed on a stock exchange), CV (limited partnership), foundation (including the Foundation for Administrative Office), association, and religious institution. If no one holds an interest of more than 25%, there is no UBO. In that case, a pseudo-UBO will be designated. This will include all statutory directors. UBOs of entities located in the Netherlands but not established under Dutch law or the law of another EU member state will not be included in the UBO register.

Why HVK Stevens?

We understand that you may have questions about this. HVK Stevens is here to assist you. HVK Stevens is the expert advisor, both legally and fiscally, for entrepreneurs, major shareholders, family businesses, national and international corporations, and high-net-worth individuals. With our daily practice, we fully comprehend the importance of your privacy and business information. We are experts in (pseudo) UBO registration, privacy protection, and wealth preservation. We are pleased to provide you with tailored advice:

  • We will outline which of your information will become accessible to the public.
  • We will collaborate with you to determine how you can retain maximum control over that information.
  • Furthermore, we offer administrative support for the registration and maintenance of this obligation.

Interested in learning more about the UBO register? Read the article here: ‘The UBO Register is a Reality. What Now?’, written by Alycke Kootstra, former candidate notary at HVK Stevens.

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