Fijke Gijtenbeek

The personal contact with clients in happy, succesful, but also tragic stages of life, makes the job always fascinating"

Since spring 2024, I have been associated with the Rotterdam office of HVK Stevens & Van Reigersberg Versluys.

I have gained extensive experience, over 25 years, in notarial law and in particular family law. At the start of my notarial career, it soon became clear that my heart lies with this legal area of expertise.

The personal contact with clients in different stages of life, in happy, successful but also in tragic circumstances, makes the job always fascinating. Over the past 25 years, I have worked at various offices, as a candidate notary and an associate notary, which has provided me the opportunity to work with many different clients and, as a result, I have seen and experienced a lot in the notarial family practice.

Since 2001, I have been a member of the EPN: the Association of Estate Planners in the Notarial Practice. The association organises workshops, courses, and conferences for its members to deepen knowledge and keep up-to-date with current developments and latest trends. I have been part of the matrimonial property law committee since 2017. In this committee, we work on models for prenuptial agreements that can be implemented by members in their practice.

Since HVK Stevens & Van Reigersberg Versluys in Rotterdam and HVK Stevens in Amsterdam is a ‘full service’ firm, therefore (a specialist in) family law should not be missing. That is why I joined this firm. I like to share my experience and knowledge with my young colleagues to make them enthusiastic for a career in the multifaceted family law practice and strive for a high level of quality!

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