Jacques Raaijmakers

‘The team of HVK Stevens works in a solution-oriented manner.’

As a tax specialist Jacques is specialised in income tax, (international) payroll tax and social securities and formal tax law. The team of HVK Stevens works in a solution-oriented manner. Our team can be deployed in a broad range of activities because of all the experience it has gathered when working for larger family offices, but also (international) corporates.

Besides working for HVK Stevens he is also main editor of the magazines ‘Fiscaal Praktijkblad’ (Tax Practice Journal) and ‘Beloning & Belasting’ (Reward & Tax), co-author of ‘Cursus Belastingrecht’ (Course Tax Law), ‘Fiscaal Commentaar Invorderingswet 1990’ (Tax Commentary Recovery Law 1990), directory of the AA, Kluwer Avanzer, the Guide for tax advisers in the agricultural sector, Memo-tax, XpertHR and ‘Kluwer Loonbelastinggids’ (Kluwer payroll tax guide). Jacques is also author of: ‘FED Fiscale Brochure Ketenaansprakelijkheid’ (FED Tax Brochure of Director’s Liability) (3rd edition 2018 and 4th edition 2017), ‘FED Fiscale Brochure Fiscale aansprakelijkheidsbepalingen in de Invorderingswet 1990’ (FED Tax Brochure Tax Liability in the Recovery Law of 1990) (2016), ‘Werkkostenregeling 2.0’ (Labour costs scheme 2.0) (2015), ‘Aansprakelijkheid in Belastingzaken Fiscale Monografie nr. 73’ (Liability in Tax Cases Tax Monograph nr. 73) (4th edition 2014) and Boom Basic Invordering (2012). In December 2018 he has been appointed as associated partner within HVK Stevens.

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