HVK Stevens
05/11/2018 HVK Stevens

HVK Stevens congratulates IPM Group

HVK Stevens congratulates IPM Group on concluding the acquisition of 39.24% in Dunkerque LNG terminal from EDF and Total, on behalf of a consortium of Korean investors in cooperation with Samsung Asset Management.

Dunkerque LNG terminal (www.dunkerquelng.com) in northern France is among the largest European terminals for the import of liquified natural gas and is connected directly to the gas networks of France and Belgium, capable of satisfying 20% of the total gas demands of those markets. The flexibility of the terminal and its connected infrastructure also enables it to serve the gas markets of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and beyond. The quality of the terminal’s design, the strength of the business and its operator, and the positive prospects for the LNG market in Europe made it a compelling investment case for IPM Group’s investors.

HVK Stevens is very proud to have assisted IPM Group in the acquisition process as its Dutch counsel. The HVK Stevens team consisted amongst others of Willem Gerbers, Joost van den Berg and Evren Atasever. https://www.ipmllp.com/ipms-acquisition-of-dunkerque-lng-terminal-reaches-financial-close/

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