Private equity deals

Private equity deals are typically complex, especially when cross-border. At HVK Stevens, we deal with that complexity by working in multidisciplinary teams. These teams consist of both legal and tax specialists who supervise and guide the entire process. With our legal and fiscal knowledge, we provide advice and assistance in setting up the right structure for funding and deals.

Together with Luxembourg based LexField, we created a common platform dedicated to cross-border and international structuring matters. It is expected that the number of cross border transactions involving Luxembourg and the Netherlands will substantially increase in the next five to ten years.

The Netherlands and Luxembourg investment structures

The Netherlands and Luxembourg are well known jurisdictions for establishing and domiciling holding companies and investment structures. Both jurisdictions offer an excellent financial infrastructure, attractive legal and tax regimes, easy access to capital markets and are politically stable. There have always been many transactions between these jurisdictions. Especially company migrations, conversions and cross-border mergers are very common elements of optimising fund structures.

Pursuant to international tax developments the fiscal landscape has been subject to rapid changes during the last decade. Extensive new legislation has been developed mainly originating from EU directives and OECD initiatives, which seriously impacted holding and financing companies in private equity structures. Therefore, the new legislation increased the importance of a careful coordination of cross border private equity investment structures from both a tax and legal perspective.

Offices and partnership

Both HVK Stevens and LexField are well-recognised for their expertise and can offer comprehensive one-stop advice. In part covering issues concerning cross-border mergers, acquisitions, structuring matters, transactions, conversions, migrations, and setting up joint ventures. Because of our intertwinement, we can offer clients one engagement letter covering both jurisdictions fully tailored to their needs.

What we offer

HVK Stevens is well recognised for its private equity expertise and can offer a high-level comprehensive one-stop advice covering Luxembourg and the Netherlands issues concerning cross border mergers, acquisitions, structuring matters, transactions, conversions, migrations, and the setting up of joint ventures. HVK Stevens offers a platform for cross-border and international structuring matters between the Netherlands and Luxembourg with a dedicated team of legal and tax advisors. Our team has extensive experience in setting up Luxembourg/Dutch private equity investment structures for mainly London based PE firms, and therefore we understand very well what structuring aspects are relevant for the fund, its managers and investors.

Our private equity services

– Setting up financing- and investment-structures
– Migrations and conversions
– Cross border mergers
– Financing transactions
– Implementation of joint venture structures
– Implementation of acquisition structures
– Restructurings

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