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LexField and HVK Stevens have decided to join forces in Luxembourg and the Netherlands, by creating a common platform dedicated to cross-border and international structuring matters. This joint venture encompasses over 75 professionals operating in multidisciplinary teams (tax, legal and consulting). Both LexField and HVK Stevens are legal firms specialised in advising corporates, private equity funds, high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs on all relevant matters.


Both the Netherlands and Luxembourg are well known jurisdictions for establishing and domiciling a holding/finance company or investment structure. Both jurisdictions offer an excellent financial infrastructure, attractive legal and tax regimes, easy access to capital markets and are
politically stable. It is expected that the number of cross border transactions between Luxembourg and the Netherlands will substantially increase as a result of the following recent developments/trends:

  • Changes in the Dutch withholding tax regime on dividends, interest and royalties.
  • Clients becoming more risk averse with respect to (tax) structuring.
  • The BEPS (Base Erosion Profit Shifting) project of the OECD and ATAD and in particular the introduction of the Multi-Lateral Instrument.
  • Recent decisions of the EU Court of Justice which may affect the access of holding/finance companies and investments structures to EU Directives.

Luxembourg is increasingly becoming the preferred location for funds and international investments platforms. The Luxembourg government actively supports the financial industry. It can therefore be expected that parties currently operating in both jurisdictions will consolidate their activities in Luxembourg to mitigate and manage their (tax) exposure.


The focus of the joint venture will be the creation of a common platform for cross-border and international structuring matters between Luxembourg and the Netherlands with a dedicated team of professionals (legal and tax advisors).
All team members are seasoned professionals with years of experience with large, well reputed international law firms and Big4 organisations. Moreover, the team is multilingual with native French, Dutch and English speakers ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery of solutions and implementation to clients.


Both LexField and HVK Stevens are well recognised for their expertise and can offer a comprehensive one-stop advice covering Luxembourg and the Netherlands issues concerning cross border mergers, acquisitions, structuring matters, transactions, conversions, migrations, and the setting up of joint ventures. LexField and HVK Stevens offer a tailor made advice in sync with the client’s needs. A practical approach aimed at implementation rather than giving extensive theoretical advice from a distance. Because of our joint venture we can offer clients one engagement letter covering both jurisdictions for a competitive (fixed) fee. Our teams recognise the importance of a close working relationship, together and with their clients.

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