I have extensive experience in national and international consultancy, in relation to acquisitions and restructuring as well as in assessing the tax consequences of international transactions. I have also held many consultations with the Tax and Customs Administration on all manner of subjects, in order to gain certainty or not regarding the tax consequences of intended plans. I am also involved in the expansion of cross-border work and its tax consequences, as well as in court proceedings.

I have a broad interest in good causes. I have given various lectures and seminars on this subject. I have many years of experience in assessing the PBO status of clients. I coordinate the PBO status in advance with the Tax and Customs Administration, or look for an alternative manner of structuring activities in PBOs. In this context, I also assess the other tax risks and opportunities for the PBOs.



  • Corporation tax
  • National and international structuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financing structures
  • Investment structures (corporate and private)
  • Taxation of foundations and associations
  • Public benefit organisations (PBOs): testing PBO status and disclosure requirements
  • Deduction for gifts
  • Mergers of social institutions


  • Professional training programme for Tax Consultants of The Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB)
  • Fiscal economics

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